The Untold Stories in the Form of Poetry

Mother's Day!


From carrying you in the womb 

To dreaming of walking you 

From making your hair with a comb

To bathing you in a tub

Giggly smiles and teary eyes 

While watching you leave your home

Pride shines on her face 

When she sees you graduate

And then the memories fade

Once you meet your soul mate

But the truth here remains

That Mom was never temporary

She was, is and will be

Even if she is old

Remind her of her beautiful soul

Remember she brought you into this world

Who never left your side as a Mom’s role

So, do me a favor and see her face

Tell her that in a deck of cards, she is an Ace! 

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Girl with a carefree laugh

Giggles and laughter like no care

She likes, with the world, to share

Wide smile and chubby cheeks

Her love floats in the air

You may find her extremely cute

But a heart like hers is rare

Days pass with no hey

But she always cares

Her eyes are like a camera

Clicking moments is her natural flair

Mature mind and a strong soul

She is a kind girl with a firm goal

When she laughs, the world just stops and stares

So, don’t mess with her, don’t dare

You won’t find a girl who laughs like she has no care.


Happy Birthday, Hamna!


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Girl with a beautiful heart

You see her from a distance and you can see her shine

She has a character, poise and a heart that is kind

She would take your pain as one of her own

Despising herself for not have known 

If up to her she would mend the grief-stricken world

Take in every broken soul and have them pearled

If you break her heart she will still be at your side

She will fur her pain with a smile that is worn with pride

She is fierce with attractive curves and edges

She can turn your gloom into bloom with magic

If you get a chance to meet her any day

Tell her she is beautiful in every way.


Happy Birthday. Hina!


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Girl with the Perfect Smile

Perfect Smile Poem

When you find yourself sad, broken and hurt

She will be there to help you reassert

If you are happy, blooming or a frozen dessert

She will appreciate your naughty shirt with a corny flirt

She has an introvert soul with a party goal

She will sleep when it is time to ball

And stay awake when the night is dull

Her friends call her lame for making cheesy names

But she is a queen in her future aims

Her love for adventure is in her nature

So is her passion to take care of other creatures

She smiles like she has no care in the world 

But when she is in a state of pressure

You will find her in bed all curled

But her journey here never ends

Because she has warriors by her side called friends.


Happy Birthday, Kanza!  18/2/1992

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Oh Friend, you are not alone!

Friendship, love, university group, batch, dosti

When you have tears in your eyes

Remember the wise soul in disguise

When you lose hope in your dreams

And when you are low on esteem

They can feel your hidden pain

Like tears in a heavy rain

You may think you are alone

Fighting a battle on your own 

There is a ray of sunshine

In every moment you may find

To lift your beautiful kind and declutter your mind

Therefore, never underestimate,

The power of a great friend

To soothe, love and be there till the very end.


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Favorite Betrayal

Czech Republic

 From Wits to secret sights,

Talking through the eyes

Unspoken feelings in disguise

That words cannot justify

Promising Love’s wondrous gifts

Heart shattered before the night’s mist

Silence led to a war in the mind

Small fights turned steamy

Distance got bigger, heart got bitter

Now there is only silence

Too many questions, too many jitters

Hopelessness and despair 

That I keep in my heart

Let’s say a prayer together

To never break one of our kind


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Moonlight, love, sadness, betrayal

Dunya mein gham hazaar tou hain

Lekin ashna aur bhi sahi

Chehray meray aur tumharay kuch ko na gawar tou hein

Lekin tikhana ek hi sahi



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