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 Hi folks! We decided to blog about deep, philosophical topics of everyday life. If you have any ideas do let us know through email or visit our Instagram account to connect @3sleepygals.

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Meet the Sleepy Gals!

 Imagine a girl walking down a street of brands. If you've been to the premium outlets in Orlando, or Bicester Village near Oxford or even Dubai, you can well imagine. The girl has just one credit card and a lot of debit cards, so she's fully equipped for this particular challenge. She walks past Zara and hears the store say 'Come in, girl!'. Sephora pulls her in magically with her long fingers and perfectly manicured nails, not letting her go. Forever21 grabs her by her leg, refusing to let go. The girl tries to escape, her nails dug in the floor, trying to stop herself from being lured in. 40 bags and an unhappy wallet later, she finally thinks she's conquered the temptation, until she accidentally walks past H&M on a flat 50% off. Oooops...
Imagine sitting in a group of friends at a hangout. Most of them are happily chatting away, catching up on their lives. In the center of this group you see a very reserved girl. She looks composed and silent, barely speaking but when she does, she makes herself laugh and the rest of the people end up looking shocked. You become curious. 'What is she saying that leaves people looking baffled like zombies?', you wonder. You try to listen into the conversation. You're very curious as to what she's saying until you finally listen to what she's said. You're shocked. Confused. Half dead.
Wanna know what she said?
Someone was asking her for a Picture credit on a picture of hers because they had taken it for her, and she goes like 'But I'm postpaid!' ...
'I need something flowy for my engagement. It has to be skirt like at the bottom so when I dance, I look princess like. I need it pink and blue color.'
'No, I think it would look much better in maroon and black'
Meet the fashionista girl. She walks and talks fashion. You'd see her walking down the street, checking out the new designs in every shop. Her motivation for a mall is quite different from most of the girls. She's always checking you out and judging you. Now that might sound scary, but her judgement is regarding your fashion. She will mentally decide what color would make you look beautiful, have a dress designed for you and then sell it to you. And you wouldnt even realize what happened to you till you're in that dress on the event day. Like Maroon 5 says, she makes you wonder.
Meet the sleepy gals. I hope you were able to recognize who was who but in case you couldn't, the crazy Dubai loving shopper is Hina, the one who cracks jokes that make you wanna poke you eye balls out is Kanza, and the fashion judge is Mashaal. And they have one thing in common; they can never get enough sleep. 

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